Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Created in 1977, Emerald Isle Landscaping was founded on the principles of integrity, dependability, courtesy, and excellence. This translates to amazing customer service for property managers, special districts, businesses and homeowners associations. Our projects aren’t done until customers are 100 percent%satisfied with our work. If we discover even the smallest detail out of place on site, we communicate it to the property owner or manager.


The staff of Emerald Isle has extensive horticulture knowledge. This gives us the ability to not only care for your landscaping, but make it thrive in the fickle weather conditions of Colorado.


The freezing and thawing climate of Colorado make irrigation maintenance a necessity. Without proper care, an expensive irrigation system can be destroyed in one season.


Whether your customers, renters or visitors to your community realize it or not, the landscaped environment plays a critical role in how they feel about your business or community.

Holiday Lighting

We design and install Christmas lighting displays that will warm your holiday season. From the beautiful simplicity of roof lighting to complex tree wraps, garland, eves, wreathes and walkways.


Our staff monitors winter weather conditions 24/7, thereby allowing our crews and equipment to be prepared to execute the most efficient snow removal plan for that event.